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Man of Steel Trailer with Kryptonian Thursday, May 16, 2013  |  Comments (3)

As promised, here is the third Man of Steel trailer with dubbed-in Kryptonian. I will offer a fuller analysis and transcript/gloss soon, but for now I just wanted to get this out there. Enjoy! Note! Use YouTube's closed captions for subtitles.

Man of Steel Trailer Translation Coming Soon Friday, May 10, 2013  |  Comments (2)

My efforts lately have been in getting a version of the third Man of Steel trailer up with the Kryptonians speaking Kryptonian and not English. The good news is that finally just finished up the translation of the pertinent parts of the trailer. Thanks a ton to Nicolás Campi who continues to help me develop grammars and provide motivation on the project. The next step will be to record…

Superman Returns: Featuring Kryptonian Saturday, April 20, 2013  |  Comments (1)

I have always wanted to see Kryptonian spoken in the Superman films. One scene in particular from Superman Returns really stood out to me as one that would benefit from Kryptonian rather than English: the scene where Lex Luthor visits the the Fortress of Solitude. With an English-speaking Jor-El it's kind of ho-hum, but with him speaking Kryptonian the effect it has on the perception of…

Translating "Superman" Friday, April 19, 2013  |  Comments (4)

Here is a question sent by Lachlan Dale via Facebook that I thought I would answer here, as it brings up some interesting linguistic choices regarding translation. Ever the teacher, I'll seize the opportunity to perhaps teach some dear reader a little about language in general. At the heart of this inquiry is the question: "How do you translate the name, Superman?" There are really three ways to respond.

A New Site Design and a New Focus for 2013 Wednesday, April 17, 2013  |  Comments (6)

Welcome to the new look of the Kryptonian Project website! Wow! It's been about three years, give or take, since the site itself has seen much love. I've gotten married, changed jobs a couple of times, had a daughter, lost a couple of loved ones—what can I say? Life has been happening. With a new Superman movie on the horizon, I figured it was time to step up and carve…

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