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Version 7.4 :: Last Updated December 24, 2014 :: This is my own font used throughout this site to support the Kryptonian language. This is not a transliteration font (see below for that) so there is not necessarily any correspondance between the Roman character typed and the Kryptonian symbol output—which might be a letter, a symbol representing a word or grammatic particle, or some type of punctuation. So, for some examples, while lower-case 's' does get you the character in Kryptonian with an "ess" sound (s), upper-case 'S' will get the character that represents an "sh" sound (S). Lower case 'c' will give you the character for a "ch" sound (c) while uppercase 'C' is mapped to the symbol for the Kryptonian pronoun /zhehd/ (C : "you").

Version 7.4 :: Last Updated March 4, 2018 :: A handwriting version of my Kryptonian font.

Font Note

Please note that the Roman font structure is somewhat inadequate to properly display all of the intricacies of the Kryptonian orthography—mostly because of spacing issues. However, this is what we're stuck with (unless Unicode wants to adopt Kryptonian into the standards... not that I would even know how to set about with that process, and they have much better things to do with their resources, anyway—like getting all the writing systems on this planet supported.)

Version 1.0 :: Last Updated August 21, 2013 :: After Al Turniansky's passing, it seemed that a font of E. Nelson Bridwell's version of Kryptonian (Kryptonese) might never see the light of day, so I set about creating it myself. The font contains the 118 letters created by Bridwell as well as the numbers and punctuation added by Turniansky. See the supporting page for information.

Free unicode font (used for displaying IPA—International Phonetic Alphabet) from SIL International.

Other Fonts

This is the code switching font you will find in the comic book. It shares a one-to-one correspondance with the 26 basic letters of the Roman alphabet (with no distinction between upper and lower cases). When DC wants to portray "Kryptonian", they display the character's dialog—written in the language of the publication (e.g., English, Spanish, French, etc.)—using this font. Kind of like if you typed a letter and then changed the font to Wingdings before printing.

Made famous in the Legion of Superheroes comic book. It was also featured pretty extensively on the animated TV show of the same name. The Wikipedia entry on Interlac states: "In the DC Comics fictional universe, Interlac is the designated communication language of the 30th century United Planets."

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