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New Schreyer Kryptonian Translations Friday, March 09, 2018  |  Comments (4)

New Schreyer Kryptonian Translations Twitter user @Rachelyoubish has been doing some amazing breakdowns of the Kryptonian writing seen in Man of Steel. She has managed to translate quite a few words and phrases that can be seen written in various places in the film. I am hoping to get all of this information up on the…

Supergirl Episode 313 Wednesday, February 07, 2018  |  Comments (7)

Supergirl Episode 313: "Both Sides Now" SPOILER WARNING! At a climactic point in the episode, the two opposing Kryptonians, Supergirl and Purity, exchange some heated words in Kryptonian. For those that don't speak Kryptonian it was probably a fittingly dramatic climax to the confrontation; for those that do, though, it bordered on the comical side…

Supergirl Episodes 306 and 307 Monday, December 04, 2017  |  Comments (2)

A couple more lines of Kryptonian have made their way onto the show. Given the current story arc, I wouldn't be surprised to see more before the season is over. Still no credit, though. :/


Episode 306: Midvale

In the episode, actress Izabela Vidovic delivers the quick one-liner (a bit mumbled) that sounds like /ukzhim r?? zhezhu/ …

Doyle Kryptonian on Supergirl Monday, November 13, 2017  |  Comments (2)

So this is a little bit late, but I was catching up on watching Supergirl this weekend... my jaw hit the floor when I heard Melissa Benoist, a.k.a. Supergirl, speaking a couple of lines of Kryptonian. Not just gibberish, but my Kryptonian!


I am happy to assist with any translations and pronunciations (including recordings)…

Pronunciation Rules for MoS Kryptonian Monday, March 14, 2016  |  Comments (3)

Several months ago over Twitter, Dr. Schreyer revealed to me the extra pronunciation rules that apply to her version of Kryptonian. I completely forgot to add those to the Man of Steel Kryptonian page. I have corrected that! You can see those additions here.

Minor Updates: December 2014 Thursday, December 18, 2014  |  Comments (0)

It's been AGES, but I just wanted to send out a quick update that I have made a few minor updates/improvements to the site. Here's a list of the changes if anyone is interested: A long-overdue update to the CMS running the site to get it up-to-date with the latest and greatest Minor improvements to the dictionary page:

Silver Age Kryptonian Font: Reborn Wednesday, August 21, 2013  |  Comments (6)

It's time for some nostalgia! I'm proud to announce that I have finally finished recreating the Silver- and Bronze-age Kryptonese font. From the mid 1950s all the way through to Byrnes' reboot of Superman in 1986, Kryptonian speech was depicted in the comics with, for lack of a better description, a bunch…

Measuring Time on Krypton Monday, July 29, 2013  |  Comments (0)

An astute Redditor pointed out to me that my numbers were off for time words in the Kryptonian dictionary. Long story short, I had reversed the Kryptonian year to Earth year ratio and all my calculations were backwards. I have redone the math and updated the entries. For those of you interested, here's a breakdown of time words, and how…

Interview with Man of Steel Linguist Christine Schreyer Monday, July 22, 2013  |  Comments (5)

After flurries of press following the blockbuster release of Man of Steel, many exchanged emails, and both of us juggling our "day jobs", I am pleased to finally be able to post this interview (conducted via email) with Dr. Christine Schreyer, the linguistic anthropologist responsible for the language seen (but not heard) in the recent cinematographic depiction of Krypton. This…

Another Redesign?! Monday, July 22, 2013  |  Comments (5)

I know that I just did a complete overhaul on the site back in May, but the way I had set things up just wasn't working. The project itself was getting lost to the blog, the navigation was a little too hidden, and, most importantly, I wanted to add dedicated sections for other versions of Kryptonian. I don't know that I'm totally happy with the way navigation is set up now, but…

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